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"Our goal is to eliminate expansion joint problems and potential costly repairs of your driveway, sidewalk and walking areas. Milco Contractor, a family owned and operated Sugar Land company, is the local distributer and installer of "Trim-A-Slab", a concrete expansion joint repair product. "Trim-A-Slab" is made from exterior grade materials designed to replace rotten or missing wood often found in driveways and sidewalks. This product flexes and fits securely in the gap between concrete slabs. "Trim-A-Slab" is highly durable, moves with the expansion and contraction of concrete, is not affected by moisture and gives your driveway a great look that lasts longer. Services offered: Remove existing expansion joint material, install "Trim-A-Slab" and clean up waste, Material Sale and delivery of "Trim-A-Slab" and Power Washing."

Removable > Durable > Virtually eliminates weeds > Available in black or grey > Looks fantastic!

It enhances the appearance of your driveway and sidewalk and cost less then other options available.

You never have to worry again about rotting wood or the removal of debris and weeds in your expansion joints. Once Trim-A-Slab is installed it seals your expansion joints and does not allow dirt, debris and weeds to collect. Trim-A-Slab is a little bigger than the slab gap, so that it will stay just below the surface of the slab, staying in the area with the rounded edges.

Trim-A-Slab cost $124.50 per 50 ft roll (self installed). This product is guaranteed for 5 years, but it is likely to last substantially longer.

Other options:


You can replace your existing expansion joint material (wood) with more rot resistant wood. This will require $50 for the 1"x4"x12' pressure treated pine, $6 for the Quickrete backer rod and $7 for the Quickrete filler 10 oz tube. The material is less cost but installation will take approximately 4X longer. Remember, you can expect the same life as the original wood, 5 years.

Concrete Caulk

This product is available in 10 oz tubes costing approximately $7 a tube. If the expansion joint is standard 3/4" wide by 3/4" deep, each tube will fill 2.5 linear feet. If repairing a standard driveway with Concrete Caulk you will use 42 tubes at a total cost of $294. You also understand that this product does not expand or contract with your driveway. So, you will end up with debris and weeds in your expansion joints.

Trim-A-Slab gives a clean finished look that any property owner can be proud of.

typical wooden expansion joint
Typical Wooden Joint Before Repair
Trim-A-Slab After
Trim-A-Slab After Repair